SEO is the process of optimizing a site so that people find information more easily when doing searches on certain topics in the search engines:

This update is possible through a set of practices and techniques that are applied to the way you produce the content for your site, based on keywords and other requirements that we will deal with later.

So you can understand better, imagine that you need to know more about content marketing. Instinctively you will go to google to search "what is content marketing?" For example. The sites that will be available are called "organic results" and the order in which they appear is, mainly, defined from the SEO criteria. The better positioned they are, the better positioning strategies are being used. Costa Rica Itinerary



what are their functions in the company

SEO is a combination of marketing, sociology and a technical part, which today is fundamental in any digital marketing strategy. SEO professionals understand how users perform their searches and implement improvements in the website to increase traffic. Regarding job offers, they have two options: Work in an agency and for several clients, or in-house in the Marketing department of a company.

If we talk about qualities, we can say that a good SEO Manager is proactive and curious, since the evolution of search engines occurs week by week and has to be continually recycled. The profiles are very different: computer engineers, experts in business, marketing, telecommunications, journalists, etc. There is no university career that validates you to be an SEO manager, since it is a very practical profession and requires tests, forecasts and analytics. If you are thinking about dedicating yourself to the world of SEO, read on and find out what are your functions in the company, what qualities you have and the keys to become a true professional search engine positioning.

SEO Manager functions within the company

Creative. Currently, leads are much harder to get than before (when you could go to directories, for example). Each link, acquired manually or organically, requires much more planning than work, and each time the SEO Manager has to be more creative.
Educator. According to the professionals of the sector, the best SEO Manager is the one that, after a time in a company, is no longer necessary. Although it seems a paradox, refers to an increasingly common reality: The SEO expert has to educate the entire team of digital marketing so that all content is designed to promote search engine positioning.
Funciones del SEO Manager dentro de la empresa
En teoría, el trabajo de un SEO manager se centra solamente en atraer tráfico orgánico y aumentar los ingresos de una página web. Sin embargo, actualmente esta figura profesional ha ido cambiando y adaptándose a los nuevos algoritmos en buscadores. De esta forma, el SEO Manager ha tenido que ir adquiriendo habilidades adicionales y ser a la vez creador de contenido, tener en cuenta la experiencia de usuario, tomar decisiones relacionadas con la estrategia digital, ser creativo y a la vez educador para poder sobrevivir en este mundo:

Content developer. En el sector del Marketing, actualmente “el contenido es el rey”, por lo que es imposible posicionar bien en buscadores si no hay contenido de calidad. Gran parte de los redactores se integran directamente al equipo de SEO o es el mismo SEO Manager el que se encarga de redactarlos y gestionarlos si su perfil no es demasiado técnico. El contenido de calidad puede ser difícil de crear, ya que no es exactamente algo que puedas estudiar a no ser que tengas un perfil periodístico y te dediques solamente a escribir.
Experiencia de usuario. El objetivo principal del SEO es saber qué quieren encontrarse los usuarios cuando entran en una página web. Para obtener más tráfico orgánico hacia tu página, es imprescindible que sepas proporcionar una buena experiencia de usuario.
Estrategia digital. Tiene que tomar partido en la estrategia digital, puesto que es quien más tiempo pasa en el sitio web analizando cada dato para saber cómo usan los usuarios la página web. Por lo tanto, siempre es importante tener en cuenta el punto de vista del experto en SEO porque es quien sabe qué es lo mejor para el sitio web.
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